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Stock No 7084  Size: 3.'01" x 4'.10"

Persian design

SKU: 7084


    The rugs of the Hamadan Region are only now being recognised for their rightful place in the pantheon of Persian rugs. 
    They tend to be commercial but at the same time less driven by western design influences that many areas of Iran. When it comes to Hamadan it is more like a country than a region. Trying to deal with Hamadan rugs as a whole is very similar to dealing with Turkish rugs. Leslie Stroh of Rug News once told me that there were 1500 distinct rug weaving villages in Hamadan each of which produced at least two styles of rug. 
    A major city in Iran That is west of Teheran and north of Malayer and south of the Bijar Rug producing areas.
    Hamadan rugs typically have one heavy cotton shot of weft (single wefted) and are made with thick high quality wool. Coarsely woven but substantial rugs.There are a number of village and Kurdish Rugs that are sold as Hamadan rugs.

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