Stock No 6033  Size: 8.'09" x 11'.06"

Modern design

SKU: 6033
  • Size: 8.'09" x 11'.06"

    Our latest patchwork technique was used to make this rug. Pieces of different rugs are sown together, reminiscent of the quilts that were made in America in the early 20th century. When pieces from antique rugs are used, the resulting rug is known as an Antique Patch Art Rug. This particular rug uses pieces from antique rugs and is known as a antique Patch Art Rug. Colors are bright and cheerful, for a unique taste.

    Long Lasting and easy to wash, it can be washed with simple soap and water. Damage or stains can be fixed at any time. Please contact us for more information. 100% Wool and Fast color Dyes are used.

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