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Stock No 7190  Size:3'.02" x 4'.05"

Kurdish Kilim

SKU: 7190
  • Size:3'.02" x 4'.05" 

    Beautiful Joel tones and geometric design fine quality Persian vintage kilim.


    History and weave of kilims.

    Not only pile carpets were produced since ancient times. The explorer Mark Aurel Stein found kilims dating to at least the fourth or fifth century CE in Hotal China.

    The weave is almost identical with that of modern kilims, and has about fourteen threads of warp and sixteen threads of weft to the inch.

    Kilims are produced by tightly inter weaving the warp and weft strands of the weave to produce a flat surface with no pile. Kilim weaves are tapestry weaves,technically weft-faced plain weaves,that is, the horizontal weft strands are pulled tightly downward so that they hide the vertical warp strands.

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