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Stock No 7337  Size: 7.'04" x 10'.05"

Antique Mehal rug circa 1900

SKU: 7337

    Mahal Persian carpets from the 19th century and turn of the 20th century have become perhaps the most desirable among Persian village weaving, as they appeal strongly to both connoisseurs and interior designers. These two important groups of buyers are attracted to them as outstanding examples of folk art weaving and for their sophisticated, yet often whimsical, highly decorative aesthetic. As a result, the best Mahal antique carpets have become very difficult to find in the international market.

    Often the finest in the antique Mahal style of antique rugs render spacious, very unique variations upon classical Persian allover antique carpet patterns, such as the Herati (repeated diamond and curling leaf), the Mina Khani (repeated circular flowerhead) and Harshang (highly stylized dragon and blossom), often in subtle, glowing pastels and earth tones. Many Mahals utilize these allover motifs, while others present the central medallion format, seen often in other Persian carpet styles.

    The Oriental carpets from Mahal were a product of the cottage industry in and around this Northwest Persian village, and were often produced on the family level. Therefore, they use the loose to moderate weave, and somewhat thicker pile, similar to nomadic and tribal rugs. Nevertheless, they have now taken an equal seat beside the highly reputed and more finely knotted Ferahan and Mahajiran Sarouk Persian carpet styles from this same Arak district.

    An even more exclusive class in the Mahal style, referred to as the “Ivory Mahals”, for their glowing ivory to beige grounds, are now considered to be among the most highly desired antique carpets on the international market and with good reason, for in their finest examples, their visual impact of dramatic drawn motifs against the lighter base is often beyond compare. 
    19th-century Ivory Mahal antique rugs are found mostly in the 9ft x 12ft to 11ft x 14ft size, and larger examples create quite a stir if they are beautifully conceived and in good floor condition.


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